Feline Friday – Friends

posted June 27, 2020

My cat caring for her old friend.

When my indoor kitty and I first moved to snowy country to marry my husband, it was a cold February. He had a loving springer spaniel who was the gentlest giant.

The first time the cat experienced snow, she was dropped into 18 inches of it – at the far end of the backyard.

The springer watched from the doorway as she bounded back to the house like a jackrabbit. Not accustomed to dogs, she hissed at him as she approached. He didn’t react–until she crossed the threshold. He greeted his new friend with a big lick on top of her little head—she shook it vigorously as to wipe-off the kiss.

She hissed once more and lay by the fire. They eventually became fast friends.

Hip problems became an issue as he grew older. He loved walks in the water whether they be ditches along trails or the river shores. The cat began to stay by him after coming home from those watery jaunts. It helped him relax.

Of course, he preferred the inner corner of his bed, and sometimes he actually got it. As each winter grew colder, they slept closer.

He has been gone for awhile now, and she uses our laps as her personal cushions.

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