Luna Park Cafe

posted June 26, 2020

In response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Store Front Signs

Our friends brought us here for breakfast at the beginning of the year. It is fun walking around inside this memorabilia-packed little cafe while awaiting our meal.

Hanging from the ceiling are tin lunch boxes-the kind with 1960’s super heroes, as well as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, and comic strip characters. A 4-foot tall guitar stands close to a coin operated machine with a tiny clown. The operator pushes one or more of four buttons that correlates to the movement of the arms and legs making the clown dance. A juke box from the same era is in the main dining area. All of this is reminiscent of a beach boardwalk amusement park.

If you visit Seattle (some-time), please consider eating at this little gem-Luna Park Cafe. Click on the link to see the pictures.

The parking is such that only 4 cars can fit perpendicular to the building; a total of 10 cars fit semi-comfortably in the lot. Exiting the lot takes a bit of see-sawing but having a ‘local’ driving helps a fair bit.

The color picture was taken with my iPhone 6, and altered using the free version of PS Express. That neon “Cafe” sign atop the face of the building became apparent to me only during the altering process. Yea, finding more treasures even after the visit.


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