#WDIIA – Tuesday 2020.03.31

8:30 AM: 36°F and cloudy – Rushing to Costco

Our first time using the one-hour slot given to those of us who are 60+ years (8-9 am). I keep remembering one thing or another back in the house before we’re finally on the road – poor husband.

Cut-off by a compact-sized race car, we notice 3” of snow on its roof and on the back windshield wiper. Is it evident the driver abandoned the warmth of a cozy bed at O-dark hours for the shopping spree? Hope what they need is in stock. No offense is taken because we live a whole 3.5 miles away where barely a spot of snow remains.

The Greeter, a black clad security guard, briefs us on some logistics. Gesturing with his arm, he tells us the line wraps WAY around the building. So we walk to the back, and notice they spray-painted lines 6’ apart like standing stalls. Now we can keep the prescribed distance from each other.

Will those inside remember those of us who are still out here?

Some shoppers leaning on their carts are balancing themselves for the duration. There are neutral faces with pleasant composures, and some not so. Also, it is apparent some of us are not sure if this was worth the early reveille.

The staff is cheery which helps with the wait.

And of course, the sky is spitting wet snow on us. Thankfully, it’s not for long.

Checking my email on the phone. I found an attachment apropros to the situation:

11:00 AM: arrive home for an early lunch – all errands done

2:00 PM: video chat with our friends in Haiti.

Thankful they are well, and that our other friends in Haiti are still healthy for now. It was good to see their faces, even sharing a song.

Haiti is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland. 445 Haitian people have been confirmed infected with COVID-19 including 14 who died.

“…It’s one thing to say, ‘stay home’, but it’s another thing when you cannot find anything to eat. This is what we are addressing: How to stay home, earn a living and include every single workshop in the country who can help people protect themselves and do something to put food on the table.”

excerpted from Miami Herald about helping Haitians earn wages to buy groceries.

Here is a New Yorker who posts about staying healthy when coronavirus hit her home: https://youtu.be/udprEtDVmIY

On a lighter note: Here is 5-year old’s advice on staying calm during this time. Wait ‘til you hear what she calls healthy food. https://youtu.be/wvrCqi1w_DY

Thank you Ms Linda for giving us this platform.


  1. So they let you go with your hubby cuz he’s over 60, I see. I will be 60 next month but thought that most places are saying 65 for the early bird shopping. Crazy that the line was wrapped around the bldg. but if 6′ in between folks I guess that stretches it out. Glad you got all your shopping done. Stay home & stay healthy!

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